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Founded in 2006, RPG Site was built to be a truly specialist site, offering broad and definitive coverage of role playing video games, created and delivered by genre nerds.

We're proud that our website now has a reputation for quality reporting, fair reviews, detailed critique, detailed guides, and interesting feature articles - and we're looking for people who can help continue that tradition, with our search falling into two categories:

Semi-Regular Contributors

RPG Site is not currently recruiting for any full-time roles, but we have room on our team for regular contributors who can provide news, reviews, guides, features and other work as-needed on a freelance basis. These positions are paid freelance roles, working alongside our full & part-time writers. We consider joining the team in this capacity low-pressure, with no time or content quotas or hard expectation from our side. As this is not a full contracted role, we feel that would be inappropriate. The motto is simply to contribute 'what you comfortably can', and all work published is properly paid and compensated on an easy-to-understand rate scale. As a hobbyist site, RPG Site has a smaller budget than the largest games media publications, but we work hard to ensure that our freelance rates match or better those paid by our peers of a similar size.

For those eager to get more experience writing about games, RPG Site offers a relaxed, unpressured, easy-going and highly collaborative environment with a friendly team. In addition to the pay, we're proud that the team can be a great place to learn and grow as a writer. Several former RPG Site regulars and editors have gone on to full-time freelance, roles within major games media publications, or into games publishing, with experienced gained as part of RPG Site a vital piece of their personal and professional growth.

Those looking to join us should be self-starters who want to work in a vibrant, varied team. They should, of course, be huge RPG fans - and if you have a specifically deep knowledge of a certain subgenre or franchise, all the better. Knowing the site is a must, and having a vision for how the site and its coverage could be expanded or bettered in specific ways is a huge bonus.

Freelance Pitches

As well as regular contributors, RPG Site is open to one-off freelance pitches from any and all writers - which of course would also be paid commissions. Please get in touch with pitches and to discuss the scale of rates we currently work on. Rates will vary based on the nature of the work undertaken.

As with our regular contributors, it's important to note that RPG Site isn't of the size to pay the equivalent of the largest games media sites (IGN, Gamespot, et al), but we work hard to ensure the rates we have match or better similar-size & scope publications. RPG Site is also an ideal potential home for more niche pitches and ideas that might not work elsewhere; pitch us something you're passionate about!

Get in touch!

Please forward all applications, pitches and ideas to [email protected], including [RPG Site Contributors] or [RPG Site Pitch] in the subject line, depending on your intent. You can also reach out to us on twitter @RPGSite - our DMs are open. We want you!