Fate/Grand Order 2023 Christmas event begins December 7, rewards Santa Martha

It looks like Martha will be getting a double sainthood. This year's Christmas event for the English edition of Fate/Grand Order is set to kick off, and participants will be rewarded with a free seasonal Servant to play with. For 2023, the Christmas event Servant is a Santa version of Saint Martha.

The Fate/Grand Order Christmas 2023 event is officially titled "The Making of a Christmas Party". Players will spend the event gathering ingredients to help Santa Martha cook up a Christmas feast for the Servants and staff of Chaldea. For their trouble, players will earn currencies they can redeem for various goodies.

Like other Christmas events, The Making of a Christmas Party is also a roulette event. Players will earn special "Tree Spoon" currency that they can feed into a prize roulette. The roulette contains tickets that can be exchanged to permanently unlock Santa Martha and level up her Noble Phantasm. Other prizes like materials, Mana Prisms, and QP will also drop from the roulette.

Santa Martha herself is the third version of Saint Martha to appear in Fate/Grand Order. Based on the biblical figure who tamed the great beast Tarasque, the first version of Martha was a Rider-class Servant and part of the launch roster. She gained a Ruler-class Summer variant in 2018. Santa Martha is a Caster-class Servant with the ability to charge an ally's Noble Phantasm, as well as seal and debuff the enemy party. Her Noble Phantasm boosts the party's attack and gives them bonus damage against Divine, Undead, and Demonic enemies, while also healing them.

Check out her Noble Phantasm animation:

Fate/Grand Order is available on mobile devices. The 2023 Christmas event begins on December 7, 2023, and runs until December 15, 2023.